You don't have to wait for a turning point. Start living the life you are created for, now!

Have you tried to make a change in specific areas of your life, but your approach didn't produce results you were looking for?

Do you feel like you are spinning your wheels and getting overwhelmed with trying to force change?

Do you feel alone and discouraged to push through?

This might be the one Quest that will help you pursue and successfully complete all other quests in your life.

You'll learn the five steps that are a part of every transformation. By becoming aware of these five steps, you will be able to use them in making big changes, such as:

  • changing careers
  • starting new projects
  • sticking to a diet
  • developing healthy habits
  • getting out of negative cycles of thoughts and behaviors, and
  • living the life you LOVE each moment

You will learn how to quickly adapt the first three of the five steps into a daily practice. This will help you stay on target when creating a change and working toward your goal.

The best part: this Quest is not going to be at all burdensome to you. It will utilize what you already know and do.

It also uses MUSIC to help you engage with your Quest on an emotionally and spiritual level.

This quest (and this practice) can also help you handle any unwanted change in your life – such as illness, loss of a relationship or financial struggle.

Let's begin!

Tatiana 'Tajci' Cameron is an award-winning music artist, inspirational speaker and transformational life coach, who helps people create a meaningful change in their lives. Using the elements she teaches in this Quest, Tatiana has transformed her own life several times – becoming a teenage pop superstar, then redefining success and venturing on a spiritual journey that eventually brought her to launch the TV show “Waking Up Revolution,” which provides a coaching and resource platform for personal and career transformation. Tajci relied on Five Steps to Transformation to help her through her marriage crisis, bouts of depression and anxiety, and, most recently, through her husband's battle with cancer. Tatiana lives in Nashville, Tennessee, with her husband, Matthew, and their three sons. She tours the country with her music and speaking engagements. In between her travels, she mentors at a women's state prison and volunteers for organizations that fight against human trafficking.

Quest Curriculum

  • 7 Levels
  • Coaching By Tatiana
  • Community Support
  • Level 01

    Introduction - Rediscover Your Dream

    Set up your intention for this Quest, meet your mentor and, if you wish, introduce yourself to the other questors. (It's always great to meet others on their journey.)

  • Level 02

    Step ONE: Connect Into Your Power Source

    Identify best ways to connect and explore the obstacles that need to be removed for the best connection.

  • Level 03

    Step TWO: Make Your World Shift

    Learn how small external shifts can bring a significant change in our lives. Uncover habits and external situations that might have you stuck.

  • Level 04

    Step THREE: Change Your Mind

    Explore the most important element of transformation and learn some simple tools to get your mindset aligned with your desired outcome.

  • Level 05

    Step FOUR: Building Your Dream

    Enjoy the coaching support and learn some great tips as you put your transformational tools into practice.

  • Level 06

    Step FIVE: Paying Forward

    Understand why and how giving back (or paying forward) elevates you to an expanded level and helps you achieve your goals.

  • Level 07


    We'll take an assessment of your progress and celebrate your new life.

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Success Stories

  • Vince Isner

    It moved my professional career ahead!

    "This is a great transformational course that helped me shift my perspective and move my professional career ahead."

  • Stephanie Cornett

    Great, great practice!

    "If you are feeling stuck or have a new challenge in your life…like an illness or job change, it takes a daily practice to help you get unstuck and get going and more importantly to STAY going! Tajci’s course really is a Quest into the new you… every day. If you want sustainable and long lasting transformation, this course is just what you need!"

  • Ruza Maidlin

    The music added an extra value!

    "This course is full of life's truths and valuable tips on mindful breathing, connecting with the Divine, importance of gratitude and positive energy – all (things) that can truly help us make a shift toward living with more joy and abundance. I loved how the music made the course complete."

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First 6 Missions FREE

  • 37

    Monthly subscription

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  • 197

    One-time payment

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